"“Sonny and I really enjoyed hunting with you guys at the North Platte Outpost! I have been to Texas and New Zealand hunting trophy big game, but I can honestly say the time I spent there was some of the most fun I have ever had hunting. I can’t wait to get my mount up on the wall."

​-Kristy Lee Cook


Whitetail - The North Platte Outpost’s three miles of North Platte wooded river bottom, thick cover, native grasses, open range, and well managed food plots account for the impressive antler mass and heavy bodies of the whitetail deer. The whitetail deer hunts are archery, rifle or muzzleloader, using either our two-seater tree stands or ground blinds. Your all-inclusive deer hunting trip to the North Platte Outpost will surely be one to remember.

Turkey - Frequenting the natural habitat of the North Platte is our population of Merriam turkeys. Very large in size, the birds often travel in groups of 50 or more and can be bagged by shotgun or archery hunting, depending on your preference. Regardless if you hunt on our 1,500 acres in the spring or fall you can choose to take up a position amongst the trees and brush, belly crawl through the native grasses or have your guide set decoys. Either way, the North Platte Outpost provides incredible guided turkey hunts.

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