Beginning on a chilly fall or winter morning, you’ll soon learn that Nebraska waterfowl hunting is exceptional at the North Platte Outpost and have all day to experience it. One of the top-five waterfowling destinations in the country, the North Platte River offers wingshooting at its finest. Home to extraordinary numbers of ducks and geese, the Central Flyway is the pinnacle of professionally guided duck hunting and Canada geese hunting.  The three miles of private, controlled river bottom on both sides of the North Platte combine with 1,500 acres of adjacent crop land, creeks and sloughs to make the North Platte Outpost a Nebraska duck hunting and Nebraska goose hunting paradise each fall through early February.

Positioned in our heated, state-of-the-art pit blinds, guests enjoy a hot breakfast while hunting in comfort, benefiting from shooting tips and decoy spread strategies provided by our professional guides, who are skilled at calling waterfowl.  Our waterfowl hunting packages include morning and afternoon hunts which include ducks, geese and upland birds.  In the heart of the waterfowl migration pattern, the North Platte assures you’ll see birds in uncountable numbers, while the North Platte Outpost is confident you’ll have a memorable waterfowl hunting trip.

"The North Platte River has incredible concentrations of waterfowl and Cheyenne Ridge has rights to the best land and offers excellent options. Crisp winter weather, snow on the ground, a heated pit, fantastic dogs, and fully plumed ducks and geese diving into the decoys all day long...no place I would rather be."

​-Robert Born, MAJ U.S. Army