America's Top Waterfowl Hunting Destination

Known as the country's top waterfowling location for "in your face" mallard shooting, the North Platte Outpost is in the heart of the Central Flyway. Occupying three miles of North Platte River bottom and over 1,500 acres of private land, the North Platte Outpost invites you to enjoy some of the best wingshooting you'll ever experience in the U.S. with the opportunity for duck hunting in the morning and geese or upland hunting in the afternoon.

In addition to waterfowl hunting and upland hunting, our Outpost is also recognized for trophy whitetail. As a guest of the North Platte Outpost, not only will you enjoy an incredible all-inclusive hunting experience, you'll also find the lodge provides the utmost in comfort and guest services second to none.

“We limited on ducks yesterday, a first for everyone in the group, and limited in ducks & geese this morning, with a chance to limit on pheasants this afternoon. Unheard of!!!” 
- Rob Robinson